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HERO is a partnership between business and local government that enables property owners to make their homes more energy and water efficient by providing them with affordable financing for a range of home improvements.  Property owners pay for the improvements along with their property taxes over 5 to 20 years.

Solar Benefits...

Reduce and fix your electrical costs,

  •     SDG&E has raised rates year over year...

Environmentally Friendly,

  •     What can be cleaner than using the sun for energy....

Solar Reliability and Availability,

  •     Solar PV systems require minimal maintenance....

Incentives, rebates, financing and credits!

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​A Devert Energy Solar Consultant will collaborate with you  to make your home more energy efficient . 

Survey & Design


Our Site Surveyors and Engineers can quickly determine which incentives and savings you qualify for and design a system for maximum use and efficiency.​

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Generate your own clean energy instead of paying for traditional electricity. A Energy Consultant can show you how solar cost less than what you pay now with low, locked in rates.

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The savings can add up to thousands! There's no upfront cost, you only need a good roof, because solar panel installation is included at no additional cost.

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You Can Stop Paying High Energy Bills Now and Protect Yourself From Rising Rates In The Future.

Our goal is to help improve the environment and help homeowners be more energy independent by protecting them from rising utility costs. Its a fact that utility costs tend to rise every year. Through the Devert Green Energy Solar PV Programs many of our customers experience a 50% savings right away. Let us help you determine how much you can save and get on the road to a cleaner more affordable energy solution.

     Smart Solar Electricity...

       No Money Down... 

          No Out-of-Pocket Cost.